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SequoiaVote.com is a software directory that gives every user the opportunity to safely download popular computer applications for free. Before choosing the suitable program, one can read useful reviews and see how other users have voted for the particular program. This site does not need registration to download, comment or rate applications.

This website gives you short reviews of different computer software. The opinions are fully neutral and not affected by any other parties. We might offer freeware or trial programs on our site with third party apps that can be opt-out. All programs that can be downloaded are free to use and are being provided also on the developer’s website as original source. Also, we always refer to the author’s page. We may provide good alternatives under some reviews. Everything one visitor uses here is on his or her own choice. Please see Privacy Policy, as well as Terms & Conditions sections for more information on that subject. You can also see the FAQ or contact our Support for more information regarding this website.

If you want us to review or distribute your software, or you want to advertise on our site, please feel free to send us a message under the Support page.