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Quick Specifications

  • Last Update: September 6th, 2016
  • Version: 3.6
  • License: Free
  • Operating system: Windows 10 / 8 / 7 / Vista / XP
  • Total downloads: 109,455
  • Original source: Extreme Injector

Overview of Extreme Injector

Extreme Injector comes into play whenever there is a need to inject DLLs. It was created in 2011 for all kinds of injecting purposes and the software has received several updates since the original release. Today Extreme Injector is still a very competitive DLL injecting application. The developer master131 has put a lot of effort into the program to make it a satisfactory for everyone. Below you can learn about all the features this advanced DLL injector has. Examine the program and you will understand soon how powerful Extreme Injector is.
The easiest way to start using Extreme Injector is to download it off the webpage and install on your computer. It is worth to mention that this software is complete free to use for individuals as well as for organizations. There are lots of options in the Settings and therefore it is time to go through the program.

What Can It Do

Main function of this software is to inject DLLs, of course. Though it might seem like an easy task, there are several obstacles that come with injecting DLLs. First, we are going to cover the different methods of injection.

Different Ways of Injection

Extreme Injector has five methods to use; we will start from the strongest towards the basics:
1. Manual Map comes with high security and stable injection. Though it isn’t tested much with Windows 10, it is the strongest method of Extreme Injector and therefore can cover the DLL injections even for the Windows system.
2. Thread Hijacking is the second best option and very original to Extreme Injector software. It is a stable solution that makes use of an already created code to inject DLLs. This method is unlikely to be seen anywhere else.
3. LdrpLoadDll Stub is also not much tested on Windows 10 yet, but still compatible to all modern Windows versions. It uses LoadLibrary deepest levels to inject DLL files.
4. LdrLoadDll Stub is pretty much as the same as above one, it’s just not using that deep level of LoadLibrary.
5. Standard is the usual way for injections and is a wide spread method among other similar applications. It uses the basics of LoadLibrary and also CreateRemoteThread and is therefore the common method for most of the users.

Best Features

There is more about Extreme Injector download. After you’ve got it for free and installed on your system, a whole new world begins for your DLLs. The software can do several tasks like perform automatic injection, close the program on inject, then inject multi DLL files and also choose the files for it, show the list of processes, stealth injection, reverse DLL injecting, scrambling DLLs and therefore make DLL hacks difficult to detect, drag and drop files into the program and much more. Extreme Injector has 64-bit support and it comes with Visual C++ dependency install.

How To Inject DLL

Extreme Injector is simple software that you can use no matter what your proficiency is. It is meant to meet the needs of all PC users. This software is compatible to Microsoft Windows only. In fact, Windows users can install Extreme Injector free download off the Internet and start injecting DLL right away. After you have installed it on your system, open and run the application. It is recommended to run Settings and choose Start in Secure Mode. This makes the injection safer and more stable. Secondly, add name and extension for the injection. You can click Select to choose special processes. You can use the drag and drop function in order to use a DLL, or just use the button to add it. Advanced settings are meant for more tech-savvy users, so take a note before using those. You can make use of the Auto-Inject feature if you like. After clicking on Inject the software will start.

Start In Secure Mode

This particular feature has been claimed to trigger alerts with several anti-virus programs. To be honest, this is definitely false positive and no virus is bundled with Extreme Injector. The user can close the alert or disable protection for the time running this application.

Post-Inject Mode

Often anti-cheat applications can detect the injection of DLLs. This mode will help with hacks that would be detected otherwise. Extreme Injector can’t guarantee that with this mode no anti-cheat can detect anything, but the possibility is much better though. If you need more security you can try the Manual Map method. Post-Inject has two options available:
1. Hide Module will hide the DLLs from the process list and therefore no anti-cheat feature can see them.
2. Erase PE will delete headers in DLLs and the location of those DLLs will be hidden.

Scramble Mode

This feature came with v3 update to Extreme Injector. Scramble can be activated or deactivated depending on the case. There are four ways to use this feature:
1. Extreme will activate all scrambling functions.
2. Standard has above average scrambling features activated for DLL injection.
3. Basic is recommended in most cases to inject DLLs.
4. None is the option to deactivate all DLL scrambling functions.

Visual C++ Dependency Install

Some hacks by Extreme Injector need MSVCP.dll and/or MSVCR.dll file but can be missing at the time of injection. This is where Visual C++ dependency install comes into help to add those missing files to your computer system. This process is automatic and doesn’t need any participation from user.

System Requirements

This application will work on all modern Microsoft Windows versions. Though it hasn’t been tested much on Windows 10, it still works without big problems. Also .NET Framework 4 is necessary to have on your PC to use Extreme Injector.

Getting Involved With Extreme Injector

DLL injection can be necessary in many cases. Though there are many programs that can perform the task, Extreme Injector is one of the best known for its wide range of functions and really easy to use interface. Our team puts on every user’s heart to use this software for legitimate purposes. The author of Extreme Injector does not take responsibility for any injections. If one feature does not help you with the DLLs, then the next step is to try another mode in the program. This software is being updated regularly.

Extreme Injector is the best DLL injector for sure. It has way more options than its competitors. Furthermore, the good looking UI is one of the most relaxing aspect while using the software. It surely is a must have utility application for people who need to inject DLL files. All updates to the program are good and make it better each time.