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Skype is the most popular VoIP calling software these days. With Skype free download, you can have a normal chat, a voice chat or a video chat with your friends and family and that too, for free. It has a number of exciting features which has successfully made it popular in its niche.

You can download Skype from its official website to your computer, cell phone or even TV. Almost all the operating systems support Skype; Windows, Linux, Mac, Android and Symbian, making it accessible to almost everyone. Once you have downloaded it, you are supposed to make a Skype ID which will not take more than few minutes. You can login immediately after signing up.

You can search your friends and family members by their phone number, name, email address or Skype name and once they accept your invitation, you can call them. Using this software is very simple. You can also create a group and have a conference call. However, video conference calling is only available for premium users.

You can call “Sound test service” to check if the microphone settings are okay or not. You can create your profile by adding your personal details like birth date and display pictures etc. You can also set up your status. Skype also allows you to log in from Facebook.

To make normal chatting interesting, there are a number of emoticons as well expressing different sort of moods and you can also save your conversations too. Different status options like available, busy, away and invisible are also available. Other than this, you can share your screen on one to one calls, send files – be it pictures or Word documents. You also have an option to change all the tunes which includes ringtones, dial tones, call on hold and much more.

Other than this, you can also set up your privacy as well as things for which you wish to receive a notification. Such as a contact coming online, going offline, voice mails, add requests and a lot more.

If you are willing to pay, you can buy Skype credits and call on mobile phones as well as landlines through Skype at relatively cheaper rates. You can also text on cell phones. Skype offers different call packages and the rates are different for every country. However, almost all the countries can use Skype. There is a variety of payment options available including PayPal, Moneybookers, Credit cards, Bank transfer and a lot more.

A lot of businessmen prefer to do their dealings on Skype free download and many job interviews are also being held here. However, some complain that the call quality of Skype is not very high. But after every call they ask you to rate their services.

Nonetheless, since most of its basic features are available for free, it has been popular among all classes of people, whether they are teenagers talking to their friends or adults carrying out their business meetings. Even the rates for paid services are not very high as compared to other software.

I should start by stating I have actually been a free download Skype woman for many years and my Skype free app is open all day. Via, individuals will be able to log into their free download Skype accounts and accessibility the instantaneous messaging, voice as well as video chat functions without needing to download and install a desktop application. Select the environment-friendly download button to offer it a try. So I would need to keep opening the app every now and then to make certain I hadn’t missed anything.

Skype has an Android app, as well as you can now install that Android app on Chrome OS. If you have an Android gadget, you can install download Skype free for Android as well as the ARChon Packager application The packager app could then package up the download free Skype Android app into a Chrome application. You could utilize Skype on whatever works finest for you – on your phone or computer system or a TELEVISION with free download Skype on it. It is cost-free to start utilizing Skype for Windows – to speak, see and instantaneous message other individuals on free download Skype as an example. Some tools are made to deal with Skype free download by speaking to a desktop computer Skype free download client or by installing Skype free download software program into the device.

For Windows individuals, Skype for Windows for Web will certainly support Internet Explorer 10 or later and the latest variations of Chrome as well as Firefox. You would certainly then have a free download Skype desktop computer application running on your Chromebook. I don’t think about making use of the free Skype on computer system since I have mobile.

Attempt Skype out today and also begin including your good friends, family and colleagues. You would need to manually use food selection entry in your desktop or usage command Skype free download to lunch Skype free download. It can comprehend speech then rapidly equate it into another language previously making use of text-to-speech systems to talk the translation back to the user, or in this instance the other party.

But, if you’re willing to be daring, the Skype for Windows Android app could work rather well for you. Registered individuals of Skype free are determined by a special download free Skype Name, and also may be specified in the Skype free directory site. You could either send out cash using Skype free (not through the plugin), or by PayPal from the switch on the left.

This is necessary because if you get this baffled, Skype free will certainly try to equate English phonetically into Spanish, which appears like cluttered nonsense. Microsoft still offers a formally supported variation of Skype download for the Linux desktop. So imagine my exhilaration when I acquire my first iPhone as well as there’s an update to “Skype download for apple iphone”.

However when I click the notification and also open up the application I don’t see the msgs. As well as since so many individuals use Skype download, it’s likely you can message or call practically anybody you recognize right from the application.

When you make use of Skype download’s translator, your spoken words are translated virtually immediately and supplied to the other person as speech in addition to message on the appropriate side of the screen. However Skype are working to improve this and you could expect quality to improve over time. You could then search for various other individuals in the Skype download directory site or call them straight using their Skype free name.

The speech acknowledgment is the structure of all the translation job. You could then discuss the generated app utilizing Android’s share feature as well as upload it to Google Drive, where it will certainly be readily available on your Chromebook’s Documents application. I have actually tried closing down the application and reactivating it but it didn’t help.

You need to check out the Skype free options to validate that you have Rhythm Audio as well as a switch to its volume control. Now run that manuscript from console or make the desktop computer Skype free download web link indicate this data. We do not keep particular customer information and the sharing of it is not called for to login with Facebook.

There is no proper installer presently, but if you willing to provide it a try you could download using above link and also run self-extracting archive. New model doesn’t call for free download Skype API which will certainly be stopped by download free Skype (Microsoft) following month. Initial dibs visits Skype free download customers which lately showed a passion in the software application by means of a special sign-up web page, though you additionally need a desktop or cell phone running Windows 8.1 to take it for a spin.

Apart from needing an invite for accessing the beta, download Skype for Internet will certainly also require for internet browser plug-in for now, so the target of not having to download something added on an additional machine isn’t quite complied with yet, but Microsoft states its working on that particular (at least for Web Explorer). If you want), the complying with steps reveal you exactly how to obtain a Skype free downloadIn number (or multiple download SkypeIn numbers. When folks dial that number from any sort of phone, your download Skype free application (or download Skype phone if you have one) will certainly call.

Phone calls to cellphones can be problematic, as the problems on the mobile network compound with problems on the free download Skype network as well as net, making some calls unworkable. The issue is that this could take place prior to the celebration obtaining a phone call has accepted it. From what individuals have deduced up until now, the bug appears to be particularly pertaining to how download Skype free’s Android app attaches calls. A number of Reddit individuals (and also our very own Artem) have obviously experienced this behavior, while a minimum of one customer reported that the habits had not been reliable Skype for Windows’s interface is certainly up when the phone call links for gadget 2, so it’s most likely that the individual would observe, yet this does look like a relatively major snafu.

Simply open up the app and also it will certainly present a bright white screen which gives you light. Acquire the best ever torch app with over 6 million downloads! Skype download currently appeared like an advanced suggestion to its millions of customers – an app that enables cost-free video communication throughout countless miles.

According to Manuel, if a Spanish speaker without English expertise tried to decipher Skype’s rendition of my lovely prose, they would have a bumpy ride understanding. Skype free Translator’s speech recognition excels, as well as plenty quick, but that accuracy reduces as you accelerate in words per min. I would actually prefer to offer this application 5 Stars if each one of the bugs are repaired or at least most of them.

Scholarship can not be gotten concurrently with other scholarships, excl. It allows you set up neighborhood deborah packages resolving and mounting its dependences. If feasible, it immediately checks bundles for their dependences as well as will certainly attempt to download them from the Ubuntu software databases. When the free Skype home window ultimately opens up, subscribe (if necessary) and also visit to your download Skype account.

If clients have used less than 1 euro of their download Skype free Credit report, Skype’s refund policy specifies that they will certainly provide refunds in full. free Skype’s customer uses a exclusive and undocumented process. The tech behind the translation entails innovative equipment learning, which also indicates that it’ll get smarter with time as well as enhanced use; the more time it listens to a word in conversation, the much better it’ll end up being at equating it precisely.

At launch, tis additionally limited to individuals of Windows 8.1 software (either desktop or mobile) so Microsoft is playing system faves with this early beta program.

The most effective option for you to read information, download music and films, discover wallpapers, video clips, ringtones, motifs & game. Ultimate surfing encounter with effective download administration, secure features and also lessens information set you back up by 90 %. Lumina Flashlight Torch is a helpful application to light your means or check out something when you find on your own in the dark.

Free Skype Translator will start the discussion with audio translation activated, indicating after every translated sentence, your man or women avatar, will hop in and essentially prepared just what was just translated. However, to be reasonable to Microsoft, download Skype for Linux was neglected also just before Microsoft purchased download Skype free. You can connect to free download Skype as well as send text messages with your get in touches with from Just visit to your account and utilize the integrated conversation function in, which links to free download Skype.

I now seem to obtain notices every single time a person in the team sends out a msg. Scholarship Board will certainly organize job interviews with up to 20 ideal candidates. The variety of scholarship receivers takes place in two rounds.

Scholarship period is the academic year 2014/2015, completely 10 months. The function of the Scholarship is to cover the expenses of the upcoming school year. You could even experiment with group video, with the current model of Skype for Windows.

You can download and install the current version of download Skype free as a plan straight from its web site. Pick the 12th version if you’re running Ubuntu 12 or more recent; it’ll still work if you’re on i.e. 14, since that’s just exactly what Microsoft listings as the minimal Ubuntu version. If you want examining Skype free download Translator then you’ll have to request an invite at Microsoft’s free download Skype website, as well as utilizing registration code may assist you get a welcome a little quicker. Examine your setup by choosing the Echo / Audio Test Service call (otherwise there already, add call echo123) as well as clicking on the large environment-friendly button at the bottom of the download Skype free home window.

In January 2010 download Skype rescinded their plan of taking funds in free download Skype accounts that have been inactive (no paid call) for 180 days. download Skype free makes use of a proprietary Internet telephone systems (VoIP) network called the Skype free download protocol The process has not been made publicly offered by download Skype and also main applications making use of the method are closed-source Part of the Skype for Windows modern technology counts on the Global Index P2P process coming from the Joltid Ltd. Before and also during the Microsoft purchase, free download Skype took out licensing from a number of 3rd parties creating software application and hardware compatible with Skype for Windows.

Skype for Windows-to-download free Skype calls to other individuals are complimentary, while calls to landline telephones and also mobile phones (over conventional telephone networks) are asked for by means of a debit -based user account system called download Skype free Credit report. Thank you truly much for this free of cost Skype download recorder! Every time DVDVideoSoft items are installed, you have a noticeable choice to accept or opt-out of such installations.

It provides numerous attributes, including Skype for WindowsOut calling from free Skype to mobile and regular phones worldwide, seminar calls, as well as safe and secure data transferring. If you want testing Skype free download Translator then you’ll should request an invite at Microsoft’s download Skype free site, as well as using registration code MTT1724 might aid you get an invite a little quicker. There must be free download Skype product showing in pavucontrol window.

When your web browser does not say that it could be opened up with YaST (or with one more package manager you are utilizing as default), download the data and after that open up the file in your documents internet browser by dual clicking on it. YaST will be begun to mount this package deal. The Skype rpm from depends upon these so it will mount them automatically. Press the button to the Rhythm Quantity Control where you could select the audio card, the microphone and also volume degrees in that program, in addition to Skype for Windows.

Click the huge document button at bottom facility of the window to commence recording. Additionally, if an individual calls you, you will certainly see a Solution” button. So when you enroll in Skype freeIn, individuals at free download Skype offer you your very own number.

To purchase a present card (Digital Present) from the PayPal Digital Present establishment (Shop) you need to have a legitimate U.S. PayPal account. Usage of this card makes up acceptance of the adhering to terms: Card could be made use of to buy download free Skype items as well as offered items at Broadband connection as well as Skype download account needed for redemption. Microsoft’s investment of download Skype in 2011 has more accelerated and stabilized the system development as Microsoft used Skype free download to replace its aging messaging service Windows Live Carrier.
Opera Mobile is the utmost internet browser when connected over WiFi. You can additionally share web material from Opera Mobile on social networks. The Opera Mobile browser gives you the most effective surfing encounter.

The Opera Mini web browser is a turbo-charged web internet browser for cell phones. Now, photo every one of the Skype free discussions you have actually ever before had. download Skype free Translator does not quite reach it. Not yet, anyway.

Better yet, individuals that aren’t terrified to get their hands unclean with desktop Linux in a Chromebook’s designer method have a full, officially supported Linux version of Skype download waiting for them. However, if you frantically need Skype – or if you also intend to use other desktop computer Linux applications like Minecraft, Vapor, and whatever else – the full Linux system is an alternative available to you. With Linux set up, you could set up the Skype package deal from Microsoft.

Based on my encounter with the mobile application, I would rate it with 2 superstars. I have no idea what’s continuing this app and also why it’s behaving like this as well as why it only appears to be doing this to individuals I talk with one of the most but it is so bothersome, I have actually taken into consideration locating a new means of speaking with folks. Once fb and also whatsapp use telephony attributes how are you going to keep your customer base if you can not acquire the app to function effectively.

I understand that the IM attributes of download Skype free might not be a top priority for the Skype download group however I do not understand why they cannot acquire even the fundamental degree of capability to function properly. They won’t be hard to discover; hundreds of countless individuals are currently making use of Skype free download to do all kind of points with each other. Microsoft is marketing download free Skype Translator as a tool for colleges, and the firm tested it out with pupils in the US and also Mexico.

It is very advised to make use of the package deal offered in the Approved partner database, not the one distributed from the Skype for Windows website, as the Skype web site currently directs customers to the incorrect package for 64-bit systems of Ubuntu 11 and also above. Conversation Assistance is a costs feature offered to Skype for Windows Costs and also some other paid customers. As of February 2012, Skype for Windows offers support with their Web support portal, support community, on Twitter, as well as Facebook page.

The major distinction between Skype and also typical VoIP clients is that download free Skype operates on a peer-to-peer design (initially based on the Kazaa application), instead of the more usual client-server model (note that the very popular SIP version of VoIP is likewise peer-to-peer, however implementation typically requires registration with a web server, as does Skype download). These are normally either tethered to a COMPUTER, or have an integrated Wi-Fi customer to enable calling from Wi-Fi hotspots. The ones have a built in microphone, which allows communication without the download Skype free peripheral.

I made use of to free download Skype with my Grandmother and also it is truly wonderful to see these employ a couple of years. Skype free usages P2P (peer-to-peer) innovation to attach you with other users. Skype free download is software program that enables you to make cost-free phone calls throughout the world.

Donations will certainly be put in the direction of web-hosting costs in addition to made use of for checking some of the paid solutions of Skype for Windows. Microsoft is additionally equating instant messaging conversations with Skype free Translator, with more than 40 languages assisted. Then while pavucontrol window is open, run Skype download as well as make an examination call.

Microsoft states the download Skype free for Web beta can make outbound phone calls take longer compared to typical to head out, as well as electric battery intake when running download Skype free for Internet on a Mac” is presently a recognized problem. After the recording is stopped, you will view a triangular play” button in the call list, next to your call. To make a call, relocate the mouse over the get in touch with to make sure that the eco-friendly call button appears, then click it to telephone.

The steps think that you already have download free Skype mounted as well as set up. (If you do not, click here to see how you can do that). You might just send Digital Gifts using this Shop to an individual in the united state For a disagreement with any sort of Digital Present seller, you launch PayPal (and also its associates and subsidiaries, officers, supervisors, representatives and also staff members) from any and all claims gotten in touch with such conflict. Usage of this web site as well as the Hold comprises acceptance of the PayPal User Contract, the PayPal Privacy Plan and also other legal arrangements that apply to you as a PayPal account holder.

On rapid net connections free Skype call high quality is outstanding for both voice and also video clip telephone calls. Skype likewise makes it possible for telephone calls to landlines and also mobiles using a premium paid solution. Skype free’s content chat client showcases team conversation, chat past, message editing and emoticons.

Video clip conferencing and also the Screenshare attributes make Skype download prominent with the company market. You will require to produce a customer profile as well as one-of-a-kind Skype free download name as soon as you have actually downloaded and install as well as installed Skype free. Turn your mobile right into a social sports computer with Sports Tracker!

Opera Mobile has a brand-new user interface that provides your device a streamlined, modern-day look. On complete touch and touch-n-type Nokia Asha phones, Lumina has additional features allowing you to control the brightness and also transform the colour of the discharged light when you make an in-app acquisition within the application after downloading it totally free right here. Originally, free Skype for Web will call for a plug-in to work, though Microsoft claims this to be short-term.

That’s why Skype for Windows Translator Beta truly seems like a language assistant that a true translator. For Skype Translator to work correctly, there is a little psychological conditioning included. The assurance of cracking down the international language barrier is a towering one – resolving the human speech puzzle with all its nuance and blemish would give our equipments an ability that has forever been uniquely human.

Inevitably, this is a compatibility layer made to allow you run any kind of Android app directly on Chrome OS, providing Chromebooks accessibility to all the Android apps that exist. Merely click the Install package deal switch to install it if all dependencies have been fulfilled for the selected package. gdebi will certainly warn you if there are unmet dependencies, meanings that that there’s reliances that aren’t settled in the databases that you’re making use of. download Skype is already well-liked in the classroom, with teachers participating in video clip seminars around the globe to link their colleges to class around the world.

It was recently that we discussed Microsoft’s download Skype free translator as well as presumed that the initial test right into German sounded a little tight. Skype free download Translator might not be good sufficient to completely rely on yet, yet by registering for the sneak peek, you might help it get there quickly. You could register for the preview below Users of download free Skype Translator will certainly need to by hand activate the function for each person they speak with in order to hear their discussion automatically equated.

These settings (mostly) stay when you close it and also open a free download Skype video sneak peek (in the Options Video Instruments menu) or make a video clip call. The Linux download Skype client, while it seems to establish reasonable defaults, does not offer any kind of substantial method to change illumination, comparison, backlight compensation and so on. Austrian public broadcasting solution ORF, mentioning mins from the meeting, stated that “the Austrian police have the ability to eavesdrop on download free Skype links”.

The Free Software program Structure (FSF) is concerned by customer personal privacy problems developing from utilizing proprietary software application and methods as well as has actually made a substitute for download free Skype one of their high top priority tasks. I will not inform you whether we can pay attention or otherwise.” 102 This does not refute that NSA keeps an eye on Skype free conversations. The Skype free for Asterisk product from Digium was withdrawn as “not offered available”.

Voice chat allows telephone calls between pairs of individuals and conference calling, and also makes use of an exclusive sound codec Skype for Windows’s message conversation client allows team chats, emoticons, storing chat history as well as modifying of previous messages. download free Skype allows users to communicate by voice making use of a microphone, video by making using of a cam, and also instantaneous messaging over the Internet. For the last a number of models Skype starts fine, but I get about half a sentence input and also it ices up.

Skype phone calls concentrate on video and also audio high quality, and also protect the telephone calls with end-to-end encryption. Duplicate get in touches with: When you import your calls from an additional account like Facebook, it will use everyone consisting of people you currently had specified as normal Skype get in touches with. While tests and presentations have actually been in controlled and limited experiments, Microsoft’s technique today opens up its download free Skype Translator to a much bigger audience to examine it in the real world.

Download Skype free is currently well-liked in the class, with teachers taking part in video seminars to attach their colleges to class across the globe. Microsoft is marketing Skype download Translator as a device for institutions, and also the firm examined it out with pupils in the United States and also Mexico. free download Skype Translator Sneak peek deals with Windows 8.1 or preview copies of Windows 10, and it functions by translating voice input from a Spanish or english speaker into message as well as translated sound.

The very early tests look encouraging, but every little thing we have actually seen so far has actually been from Skype download likely and direct involved a bunch of command. You can set up input and also outcome tools manually using alternatives without this package, yet giving download free Skype direct accessibility to the pulse sound server makes points much, a lot easier. This is possibly because Skype for Windows is 32 little bit, but the 32 bit version of the PA plugins will certainly not be mounted by the system since primarily you require the 64 little bit version.

Skype free will not see a pulse audio server unless plugins are installed. Some individuals state issues with obtaining Skype for Windows to deal with pulse audio made it possible for, mostly regarding no noise, glitches in audio playback and delays in audio transmission.

On some stereos you will additionally have to pick “capture” in the mixer with F4 as well as transform the sliders from zero to higher values prior to you can videotape sound in free Skype (or other applications for that concern). Check Skype download: Input from Ensure you pick Cam. Analog Mono instead of Internal Sound Analog. Note that the information rate as well as the CPU tons increase and download free Skype might downsize the resolution once more as it runs out of CPU patterns or data transfer.

If you have a great web cam (e.g. from Logitech, e.g. UVC_Webcams) which can do much more for you, below’s how to configure Skype for Windows to use it. A lot of folks do not wish to run download free Skype since it tries to accumulate data from your system which it should not do. It tries to read your Firefox profile for whatever reason (said to be as a result of autodetecting proxy setups but could be a lot more). If the video clip (over) showing free Skype Translator in action is anything to go by, it appears we can be on the brink of a real development in software application of this kind.

For Mac users, download Skype free for Web is compatible with Safari 6 and greater so once you obtain an invite, you need to have the ability to accessibility it from OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion or greater. Mac customers with access to the free download Skype for Web beta will certainly additionally wish to recognize some known problems with the beta. We comprehend that occasionally you might would like to record a quick Skype free video (to make a side by side video recording without the need to edit the video).

VodBurner has an array of features including integrated modifying to make a first class download free Skype video clip manufacturing. Certainly forto be able to call you on Skype free download utilizing a plain old standard phone or mobile/cell phone, they need a number to call. If you’re looking for a trustworthy and also easy to utilize VoIP customer, you’ll discover it tough to beat Skype download.

The call top quality switch will provide you described info on the anticipated call quality for every of your get in touches with (as the high quality depends on both events internet connection). Here you will additionally locate the Skype free download directory, group alternatives, a search box and premium calling buttons. Also had it currently a few times that I rejected a call on my computer system and Skype on my tablet simply accepted it like my deny was simply a damaged link and it acquired perplexed between gadgets, also.

Sometimes I wish open source software program was one of the most prominent and also universally used, over Facebook, or free download Skype or even Vapor, FOSS will certainly constantly be the better offer, do not rely on any type of huge corporation considering that as seen with Sony it merely doesn’t happen. Ostensibly, Skype free thinks that the individuals intend to be connected which the lost network connection is a mistake, so it tries to take care of the circumstance by reconnecting the two. free download Skype Translator is the very first item of technology that begins to obtain near a global translator, although video contacting is extremely unlikely that can help tourists on their holidays anytime soon.

Download Skype Translator belongs to Microsoft’s artificial intelligence research depending on machine discovering as well as deep neural networks, much like Google and Apple’s voice aides. And also now download Skype is going further, as Microsoft intros the Spanish pilot for its live-translation feature, quickly to be available in various other languages. Microsoft’s contribution to this has actually been a technology called ORTC for WebRTC, which it developed in partnership with the Internet Consortium, the worldwide organization that supervises the implementation of internet-wide standards such as these.

When you turn on the toggle, download Skype will certainly ask you what language the person you’re about to call speaks and also creates. After some configuration, selecting your language, your digital voice avatar, you enter the Translator application, which looks generally like download free Skype appropriate on Windows 8.1 however with a couple of bonus. Yet if you have a basic understanding of the language, not necessarily fluent but recognize a couple hundred words as well as basic grammar, download free Skype Translator completes the blanks.

To check, I determined to have some prolonged discussions with Manuel. Having actually not spoken a syllable of Spanish considering that high school, I decided to speak in my native English (that’s one of around five words that I remember) while Manuel, who’s an entirely well-versed English speaker and smarter than me, inspected download free Skype’s Spanish-to-English precision. Nonetheless, you should be alerted that the free download Skype customer for Linux isn’t really as wonderful as the ones for Windows and also Mac – it’s a little neglected. This is a rather extreme choice, and also the average Chromebook customer that simply desires Skype will not wish to experience this process.

This will simply work on Intel-based Chromebooks, not ARM-based ones – Skype free is only offered for Intel-based Linux systems. This application can’t be set up straight in Chrome OS. Nonetheless, you could possibly place your Chromebook right into Developer Mode and set up a conventional Linux atmosphere alongside Chrome OS You ‘d then have a Linux system and also you could switch over to and fro in between your Linux desktop with a key-board faster way. This hasn’t already gotten the attention it deserves chat attribute is basically simply an internet model of Skype for Windows.

Kindly maybe add a designer or two to the download Skype free conversation dev and examination group as well as ask to consider team chatting. A free download Skype individual can have regional numbers in any one of these nations, with telephone calls to the number asked for at the exact same price as phone calls to set lines in the nation. Small chat view: If you can live without your conversation message having some white space around them to offer them area to breathe you could now raise your “message per inch” proportion significantly by switching on “Small chat view” in download Skype free choices (sophisticated settings).

Yet the Skype free download recommended hand held phone (Dualphone) has problems with it. It was a wonderful phone when it initially started the marketplace but the manufacturers reject to update the software application, They appear to take your cash for the phone then do not won’t to understand anymore. When you have checked that the sound system is working, both microphone as well as speakers yet free Skype, utilizing the test phone call, does not repeat your microphone input, you must transform the noise in setup in Skype from default tool to an additional setup.

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