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FUN88 The Ultimate Guide in 2023

W88 is currently the safest and most reliable online casino.


- A strong global brand
- Instant deposits and withdrawals
- Very good bonuses on sign up
- Play all games on one account

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Fun88 managed by OG Global Access Limited and licensed by PAGCOR betting organization in 2019.

Fun88 offers a full range of attractive products on the market such as sports betting, online casino, slot games, lottery, etc.

Fun88 Bet has been honored to receive many prestigious titles during the past time of operation, including “Asian Online Game Operator of the Year,” “Asian House of the Year” for two consecutive years. 2009 and 2010 by eGaming Review Magazine voted.

Fun88 is the biggest sponsor of top clubs, such as Burnley FC, Newcastle United FC, and Tottenham Hotspur FC. 

Currently, Fun88 is working with Robbie Fowler – former Liverpool star and Steve Nash – MVP basketball superstar as the brand ambassador.

Fun88 is currently not available in Malaysia in 2021, we recommend you to visit W88

Why choose to play at Fun88?

In the middle of the market where thousands of bookmakers are operating today, Fun88 has always asserted its position for many years. According to the longtime member community, Fun88 is a reputable and attractive betting site for the following reasons:

  • Was reputable bookmaker has a brand name for more than ten years operating with a large and loyal customer base.
  • Interface design is very smart and modern, suitable for the use of many different types of players.
  • The world’s leading game makers supply all products at Fun88 Asia, Fun888, Fun88126, and Fun88VNN to ensure maximum fairness and transparency in each result brought to customers.
  • With modern security technology meeting international standard SSL-128bit, all the customer’s information is encrypted, not exposed to the outside in any situation, even when there is a sign of invasion. 
  • The only bookmaker that pledges to bring members profits on average 20% higher than other betting websites.

The Latest Link to Fun88 2021

Due to some issues related to legal corridors in Malaysia, accessing the Fun88 Asia VNN may be difficult in some sensitive times. However, players do not need to worry about this problem because Sequoiavote will quickly update the latest Dealer’s links. Also, all issues that members encounter during the experience will be promptly supported by a consultant team, ensuring customers always easily access the Dealer with any device.

Types of Betting

The Latest Link to Fun88 2021

To meet the diverse needs of members, Fun88 pro.net offers a full range of betting types popular on the market today, specifically:

  • Fun88 Sports betting: A synthetic playground of prominent sports such as soccer, badminton, tennis, hockey, etc. Each month, the bookmaker provides betting services for more than 10,000 different sporting events, including esports and virtual sports.
  • Fun88 Football live betting: For large and essential matches, members can use the live stream feature to watch the dealer website’s dramatic confrontation. In this way, players will also experience betting in a new, more convenient, and modern style.
  • Fun88 EsportElectronic sports betting has become an attractive spiritual dish for players who have a passion for online games like PUBG, Dota 2, PES, etc. Besides, members can also choose virtual sports betting with extremely satisfying 3D-based combat screens.
  • Fun88 Online Casino: These are games where participants need to match the Dealer with the Dealer (representing the house) and other players on the same table. Some popular options here include Baccarat, Blackjack, SicBo, Roulette, etc.

Promotion Programs

Promotion Programs

With substantial financial potential, we always bring members great value rewards, and take place continuously on the website of the Dealer.

The Dealer offers a welcome bonus of 100%, 120% when placing bets on the Dealer’s products for new members.

Particularly at the Sports playground, members will have the opportunity to receive bonuses or unique in-kind gifts when participating in betting such as a lucky ticket, refund of losing bets, reload bonus, etc., Especially for an Out of the number of great matches; the house will give rewards up to 2500 GBP when members correctly predict the result.

Payment Methods and Transactions

  • Deposit/withdrawal channels include QR Pay, Zalo Pay, MoMo Pay, Local Bank, FastPay, F-Go card, and Cash card.
  • Depending on the customer’s method, transaction processing times vary, but usually, it will not exceed 30 minutes for deposits and 24 working hours for withdrawals.
  • Deposit limit: from 3 GBP – 9500 GBP, the withdrawal limit is 6 GBP – 6000 GBP.

Minimum Deposit

To top up your account, you need to make a transaction with a minimum of 3 GBP.

Payment Speed

All customers’ deposit requests will be received and processed within 30 minutes, even during weekends or holidays / Tet. However, depending on the payment method you choose, the time you receive money can take from a few hours to several working days.

Website Interface

Website Interface

As a bookmaker from Europe, the website design, including fun8802, fun888, fun88vnn, and fun88126, is appreciated by the modern, luxurious, and brilliant elements.

To support players in entertainment more convenient, the Fun88 mobile application was born and served members using iOS and Android operating systems.

Fun88 mobile’s mobile version is highly appreciated for its simple setup and the support of a wide variety of betting products.

FUN88 online casino provides different betting options from a smooth and user-friendly interface. The casino’s design is quite clean and pleasing to the eyes, which can be seen even in its basic functionalities. The online casino platform itself is a very nice design, straightforward to navigate, and players discover all the functions to be quite useful.

In other words, all the casino games available via the Fun88 casino are easily accessible via a simple web browser. Players will also enjoy the integrated chat room, which offers a great chance for them to get to know fellow players of the Fun88 casino and forge a long-lasting virtual friendship.

One of the great things about the online casino offers by Fun88 is the multi-table feature, which enables players to play more than one game simultaneously. This is attributed to the fact that the casino software is quite advanced, allowing players to play the same games across multiple tables at the same time.

One example of this is the popular slot games that can be played between different members of the same room at the Fun88 online casino. These can be switched seamlessly with the right poker chip and the right cards. This feature is highly appreciated by many of the casino enthusiasts who wish to experience the thrill and fun offered by playing multi-table gambling.

Another great thing about the Fun88 online casino games is the wide array of features that are associated with the site itself. For example, the free slots, which allow the players to play without making real money, offer a great deal of excitement and fun. Likewise, the poker games at the Fun88 offer the opportunity to play for money and win something as well. The other great feature of the site is the progressive jackpot games, which offer huge jackpots after every spin.

Several of the software providers offer support for a variety of table games. However, the slots software providers dominate the slots segment. Some of the top slots software providers offer exclusive slot machines like the Electra-Lite and the Magna Rx. In addition, the software providers include other features in their online casino games, including video displays and the ability to connect to other players over the Internet in order to play with them in the Fun88 online casino.

The online gaming options at the Fun88 include many poker games. The top-notch slots offer the exciting game of baccarat, which is loved by many. At the Fun88 online casino, you can find a variety of card games, craps, baccarat, blackjack, and much more. In the video section, you will find video screen gaming of the Slots game. The video screen is excellent for viewing the action on the monitor, as well as for listening to the audio commentary provided by the pros.

You may be wondering why the top slots software providers choose the Fun88 online casino. In reality, it all comes down to what is the best option for the gambler. Some may prefer to use the conventional brick and mortar casinos because they provide the opportunity to see and experience the actual atmosphere and ambiance of gambling first hand.

Others prefer the convenience and comfort of playing from their own home, without having to leave the safety of their living rooms. That said, the online slots offer all of those conveniences and more. With the right combination of convenience, security, and ease of play, any gambler should have no problem finding Fun88 online casinos that meet their personal requirements and desires.

The online gaming options at Fun88 include a wide range of casino games including Omaha, Othello, and many more. The online casino also offers a complete selection of video poker and video casino games.

This wide selection makes it easy for any player to find the exact slots game that they are looking for when they visit the online Funmax casino. Plus, with so many promotions and deals offered at the casino, any new gambler will want to take advantage of the benefits that are available. With a combination of fun games, security, convenience, and unbeatable prices, it’s easy to see why Funmax is the leading online casino.

Security System

Fun88 is one of the bookmakers who has invested huge sums of money in establishing the most secure user data protection network available today.

All information provided by customers is protected in a safe network environment and not disclosed to the outside in any form.

All transactions are based on transparent and fast factors, ensuring that members will not encounter any problems when choosing to experience the Dealer.

Customer Support

Being the only football dealer who knows how to please all of its members through a very useful care channel, 24/7 support.

Counselors at the house are always guided and trained by leading experts in betting, ensuring that all problems that members encounter will be solved thoroughly and quickly.


Can I make money at Fun88?

Fun88 is created with the aim of giving online betting enthusiasts the best moments of entertainment. Besides, the house also creates the maximum conditions to help customers get the best commissions. Therefore, this is an attractive investment channel with real money that you should not ignore in the current period.

My bank account has been charged, but I haven’t seen any update on Fun88?

If you are sure that the transaction was successful, but the money has not been transferred to your account, please check some issues as follows: The bank transfer is identical with the full name that you registered at the Dealer. You deposit correctly; with the minimum amount. In this case, for the fastest resolution, please contact the customer service department at the Live Chat or the phone of the Dealer.

Can I withdraw money to my account using the Fun88 mobile app?

You can withdraw money to your account using the desktop version or mobile application according to your personal needs.

I want to change my bank account information?

To update your personal bank account information registered earlier, you can do two ways as follows: – Access the website, login account, then select the Personal section profile = > Bank information and change the data as desired. – Contact customer service for quick information updates.

Can’t connect to the support channel?

With a large number of members and having to serve thousands of players simultaneously, it is not difficult to avoid cases where the support channel is overloaded. Wait a moment and try to reconnect using the instructed communication methods. Or you can also leave a message at Live Chat, the Dealer of the consultant will respond as quickly as possible.

General conclusion

The variety of products and professional customer care services have made Fun88 Asia brands more and more confirmed in the world online entertainment industry. With the available professional orientation and the real values ​​that bring to the players, this bookie will go further and further, becoming the number one destination in the Asian betting market in general and Malaysia.

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