Windows update to 8.1 is almost here

The reported new Windows, version 8.1 upgrade is almost here. The formal upgrade is not really anticipated up until April the 8th, however various records…


Important updates for Windows and IE

The big software shark Microsoft has recently announced 2 of the 5 safety updates it intends to launch during the following week as essential, consisting…

Apple iTunesApple iTunes 12


[tab name=”About”] Let’s have a close look and critical review of Apple iTunes download. Roughly 15 years ago, the way we listened to and approached…

4.90 / 5 (4803 votes)

Microsoft ToolkitMicrosoft Toolkit 2.6


[tab name=”About”] The most up to date version of Microsoft Toolkit download is currently MS Toolkit 2.6. This easy installation and activation of all Microsoft…

4.51 / 5 (1059 votes)

FileZillaFileZilla Client


[tab name=”About”] Finding free FTP solution is no more difficult with the availability of FileZilla. Expertly designed FileZilla client offers both client and server software…

4.50 / 5 (1551 votes)

SmartFTPSmartFTP 5.0


[tab name=”About”] Dedicated to excellence, SmartFTP is known as one of the best FTP (file transfer protocol) program tools on internet. With the help of…

4.00 / 5 (988 votes)

TeamviewerTeamViewer 9.0.26297


[tab name=”About”] TeamViewer is a professional application which serves the purpose of rendering remote assistance to corporate and business users. It is a great choice…

4.25 / 5 (786 votes)

BittorrentBitTorrent 6.0


[tab name=”About”] BitTorrent is one of the best types of software created wherein you can handle large files with ease. It is a peer to…

4.75 / 5 (2311 votes)

AresAres Galaxy 2.2.7


[tab name=”About”] Ares Galaxy is free and open source software that basically helps users to share data. Written in the Delphi programming language, it works…

4.00 / 5 (675 votes)

LogmeinLogMeIn 4.00.734


[tab name=”About”] Now, business community members need not be hindered by distance when trying to convene and meet for important business matters. This emerged from…

4.49 / 5 (454 votes)

AvastAvast! Antivirus 2014.9.0.2013


[tab name=”About”] Anti-Virus – Advance Set is the long term for the commonly known Avast! Antivirus designed based on a central scanning engine which is…

4.00 / 5 (982 votes)

NortonNorton 360 Antivirus 7.0


[tab name=”About”] Any internet user would aim for data protection and privacy. With the advent of malicious emails and programs aimed at stealing important financial…

4.23 / 5 (790 votes)

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